Ultra Gem

Best Quality Hot Stamping

The best quality hot stamping is possible only with a fully optioned machine equipped with appropriate tooling and fixturing.

Simpler machines may, under rare conditions, produce marks which are satisfactory for particular needs but which do not necessarily qualify as the best possible marks of clarity and permanency.

The level of quality expected by a user determines to what extent a hot stamping machine is equipped to control important process parameters.

The "ULTRA Machine"

The "ULTRA Machine" label is reserved for the Somark 1/4-ton, 1/2-ton, 
1-ton and 2-ton MP Series hot stamping machines, which are available in several basic forms with variations to suit various applications.  The modular approach to building these machines facilitates customizing to meet almost any requirement.

Control of temperature, pressure and pure dwell time (time for thermal bonding) are fundamental to all Somark hot stamping machines and are considered basic essentials.  

Achieving high through-put rates while maintaining high quality marking usually demands machines equipped with more than the simple control of the three basic process parameters, temperature, pressure and pure dwell time.  Additional capabilities may include: (1) adjustable press stroke, (2) adjustable impact rate, (3) direct ram force action (no toggle action), (4) tight control of marking tool temperature and (5) precise setting of thermal bonding time.

Over-all productivity may be improved by including (1) pneumatic foil feed (instead of mechanical), (2) quick-change tooling and (3) a pre-programmed temperature controller featuring auto-tuning.  

The label "ULTRA Machine" by Somark International, Inc.,
identifies a hot stamping machine

(1) Adjustable Press Stroke

Without an adjustable mechanical stop limiting the press stroke (1) a period of trial and error is usually required to determine the exact applied pressure (force) to produce the desired depth of mark and, further, (2) the depth of mark is subject to change with possible variations of material hardness during a production run.

On the other hand depth of mark consistency can be assured by means of an adjustable press stroke, a mechanical stop finely calibrated for accurately limiting the press stroke to achieve the desired depth of mark.   Variation of depth of mark is impossible with the mechanical limit placed on the press stroke except for the possibility of variations due to variations of part dimensions during a production run.



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