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Welcome to Karry Industries, Inc

Our Company is a full-service CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine shop proudly serving a wide range of industries with steel, aluminum, and plastic parts. We specialize in precision machined parts and offer excellent customer service.

Our staff is highly skilled and trained to use the latest equipment and techniques.  We produce steel, aluminum and plastic components from a tiny, eyeglass sized screw to parts of 2" in diameter and milled parts up to 40" x 20" x 18".

We offer:

    • Accessible management and staff
    • Personalized approach to customer service
    • Excellent follow-up service
    • Long-term commitment to precision work and customer retention
    • Work performed using only the latest techniques
    • Highly trained, full-time employees with full knowledge of process control
    • ISO-9001 traceable materials and processes

Somark Division

Reliance on traditional technologies is what the Somark Division does best. It is a premier manufacturer of industrial marking machines.

Traditional technologies in the field of industrial marking refers to basic technologies such as hot foil stamping on plastics paper, wood and leather, and indent marking on harder materials. Indent marking has been used since "the dawn of the industrial age". Traditional hot stamping and indent marking methods continue to be employed to perfection, and are the preferred methods for many applications.

Emerging new industrial marking technologies are proven to be superior for many applications, but not for all. For some applications traditional technologies have survived as the best of technologies available. Much of the highest quality marking is achieved without computer programming or the need for special disposal of hazardous waste. Direct marking, in color, is exclusive to hot stamping technology.

Personal Note:

As head of a family-owned business I take great pride in every aspect of my business.  From quote to delivery you can expect excellent service.  For more than 20 years Karry Industries has been serving satisfied customers and we intend to keep our business growing, one satisfied customer at a time.

Bob Holladay, President

Karry Industries, Inc.

For our recommendation as to the best choice of marking technology for your application, please contact us at the numbers listed at the top of this page.


Modular systems components

Mecca-Grav (tm)

Hot stamping

Indent marking


Direct marking industrial products

Hot foil marking

Industrial product marking

Color marking


Automatic serializing

Manual numbering heads

Automatic numbering heads

Numbering heads

Pneumatic presses

Large character hot stamping

Logo stamping

Stamping type

Stamping dies

Sample marking

Heated die stamping

Cold die stamping

Roll marking

Irregular surface stamping


Zero suppression marking

Die holders

Type holders



Die pocket

Curved surface marking

Rough surface

Hot stamping foil


Product marking tooling

Quick-change tooling

Die inserts

Multicolor stamping

Heat staking

Production line product marking








Product coding

Foil stamping

Indention marking

Traceability marking

Part marking traceability

Industrial marking and traceability

Product coding

Numbering Heads

Wood branding

Leather branding

Automatic hot stamping

Automatic indent marking

Round surface hot stamping

Book cover marking

Cable marking

Tie wrap marking

Bench-top marking

Multiple-line marking

Point size

Aspect ratio

Length of mark


Limited stroke

Character stroke

Silicone die

Steel die

Hot stamping die

Die cut



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